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Church Mouse

Solar Eclipse September 2017

Friday, September 01, 2017
S'more insight from Deke, the Graystone church mouse about the solar eclipse and more.

Hey, everyone! 


Hope y'all have had a good summer.


The annual Outdoor Service was great!  The service was held right here at Graystone on the front lawn; and I had fun waving at passersby. Afterwards, in Dawson Hall, there were lots of yummy things to eat, as usual. 


Oh!  My!  Goodness!  The total solar eclipse the next day was fantastic!!  Graystone made a good showing:  Marvin, Steve and Patti, Mike and Lynne, Gerald and Linda, Robin, our Clerk, and yours truly found a cool spot under a shade tree with a view of the lake.  Rachel and Jenny were with their friends from Second Pres; and the Malone family was there celebrating Maggie's birthday.  Our friend Judd was there, too, and joined us under the shade tree to wait for the main event. 


The Eclipse Event was held at the John Knox Center campground and we heard there were about 500 people registered.  JKC staff did a great job organizing this many people.  Everything went smoothly.  There was a cookout for lunch with hamburgers, hotdogs, and Moon Pies.  Then the big event started.  We had special glasses to look through while watching the eclipse.  Even though the camp was directly in the path of totality, it didn't get quite as dark I expected, but it was so exciting!  During totality we could see a couple stars; the tree frogs and cicada's woke up and began chirpin' and buzzin'; and there was a pretty, panoramic sunset.  We got to see the corona, Bailey's Beads, and the engagement ring.  It was super! 


Afterwards, we enjoyed the camp activities; several folks went to the nature center, Robin did some archery, the Clerk relaxed with a book, and Gerald and Linda checked out the ropes course.  Some of our group left early, but I stayed with Robin and the Clerk.  We had a delicious supper of bbq sandwiches and all the fixin's  before coming home.  There wasn't as much traffic on the way down as there was coming back home.  Marvin texted us that he was stuck in Kingston.  We waited a while to leave and came home by way of the back roads.  We didn't have any traffic tie-ups at all; but we did cross over the interstate and saw that it was still bumper-to-bumper.  All in all it was a excellent outing!


The next big thing at Graystone is the Fall Festival.  Will we have s'mores?


Happy Fall,



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